Medical specializations: aspects for a new debate

Rita Sierra-Merlano, Edwin Herazo-Acevedo



The education of specia- lized doctors must be a public concern for those people and institutions that are involved in the medical area because we invest a significant part of the time and resources looking for the best pos­sible medical care.

In that sense, doctors´ education should occupy a prominent place in the society. However, few declarations and medical-scientific publications analyze this situation, which is surprising given the complexity of the epistemological aspects in medical education.


In the last months, the Colombian Government has pronounced in relation to specialized education in medicine from the Ministerio de Educación Nacional and Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social. Both departments seek the public acknowledgment of the education quality focused on scientific visibility and educational efficiency. These proposals are away from the opinions of other sectors in Colombian education, which focus on the quality, cultural aspects, social equality and economic efficiency. For these sectors, the medical education in terms of quality is different from the business environment, where the essential is to satisfy the customer, the employer, the use of the product or the price to pay.


Recently, a well-known medical journal draw attention to the excessive of “diligence” in the efficiency and productivity of medical education opposed to the need to educate better professionals. For the authors of this document, the principles of fast-food restaurants are an example of the obvious domain that exerts these type of systems on the society and regrettably, that includes medicine.

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