Zika virus and congenital microcephaly: where are we?

Lia Matera-Torres


It is necessary to exercise the critical thinking to analyze objectively the concepts and get argumentation tools that allow to identify health problems in the light of the best available evidence in a world where computer technologic advances make easier the distribution and management of the information.

The Health Department of Brasil informed about the potential association of brain congenital malformations related to infections by Zika virus (ZIKV) on November 2015. A national emergency state was declared with the report of 646 microcephaly cases, only in Pernambuco, this number is equal to one case per 10.000 births. The government decided to consider every possible theory behind this situation including the association with ZIKV infection.

More than 300 articles were published in high-impact journals since January to September 2016 in order to clarify the possible association between microcephaly and ZIKV. However, the knowledge about this topic is still limited.

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